Google Optimized Report Card

If the engine driving your business growth is your insanely great products and services, then the transmission of that engine is your digital footprint comprising your website and social media platforms. Google has developed some very specific specifications for how these digital platforms should be configured, formatted, linked and filled with content. Driving these specifications is Google’s goal of insuring the best overall user experience when a user searches for a product or service on Google’s search engine.
The business owner who fails to heed Google’s specifications, will be penalized by Google and that penalty will absolutely cost that business clicks, clients and revenue.
The NCM Google Optimized Report Card™ was designed to insure that your digital footprint is Google Optimized. We accomplish this by analyzing the following:
  • Your Website
    • Configuration & Format
    • Multi-device Responsiveness
    • Content
    • Inbound Outbound Links
    • Keywords
  • Your Social Media Platforms
    • Content
    • Cross Platform Links
    • Configuration & Format
Once we have complete the report card, you will have a clear path to optimizing your digital footprint and growing your business.
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