How Do You Measure Success?

A special thanks to Evan Carmichael for assembling these classic moments in the life of Steve Jobs. Through his life, companies and products, Steve Jobs left an indelible mark on the world. Indeed, he was crazy enough to think that he could change the world, and he did.
We all measure success in different ways. For many, success has been defined by parents, peers and the pressure to succeed. Certainly, the world has continued to function on this model since the dawning of mankind. However, are history and tradition enough to stay on this course? For many, the answer to this age old question will be, yes. For a very select few, the status quo, history and tradition are of no import. For these misfits, following a path based upon passion, personal truth and unyielding belief has and will continue to guide and direct their steps. For these rebels allowing themselves to be led by the courage of their convictions, hope springs eternal.
How do you measure success? Is it all about making money? Are you focused on a particular job title and status? What is it that motivates you? Through his life and words, Steve Jobs left a very clear message to us all. How will you respond?

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